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Waxing Head to Toe

Put your razor & stubble days behind you. Sure, hair removal can be tricky—especially if it’s a part of your body that’s hard to reach—but our Wax Specialists at Spa Pureza totally have your back (or chest, neck, face, arms, legs,... ok if you can grow hair there we can probably get it with our full body waxing services). We’ve perfected the art of waxing. We’ve streamlined our process to maximize your comfort, take up less of your time, and leave you with smoother, longer-lasting results. Ditch your expensive razors and leave hair removal to the experts.

Every wax service at Spa Pureza starts with a complimentary Footbath and a trip to our Rain Shower. You'll snuggle up in a robe and slippers and sit back while we wash and massage your feet, shins and calves. Then stroll just down the hall for a refreshing shower with our essential oil infused scrubs and cleansers. Every service is an Experience at Spa Pureza.

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